Valentine’s Day Freshie

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❤️💗Heart Shaped Car Freshie- Rearview Mirror Hanger

"Surprise me" option means we will pick the scent/color for you. :)

May include glitter please advise in notes at checkout if you do not want glitter! 

If you want your car looking extra & smelling fresh.

Will last approx. 30 days. Some scents will fade faster than others. IE: Creme brûlée will last longer than the fresh linen smell.

- If you are going to be in extreme heat we advise to remove from car or store in bag its shipped in outside of car.

- Do not leave these anywhere laying down so they do not melt to the surface.

Heat will make them stronger smelling but fade faster. Cold temps may cause them to be not as fragrant but last a little longer.